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iWalldock™ Custom 90° Lightning Cable


Add Various Lightning Adapters to iWalldock Installations

If your project requires advanced features beyond simple charging, you will need to add a Lightning adapter (audio, video, ethernet, hdmi, headphone, etc).  However, these adapter have larger, thicker heads which do not fit in iWalldock Fixed openings.  Simply add this custom Male to Female Lightning Cable to allow easy, flush installation.  Cable has all 8-pins to allow 100% Lightning functionality.  Right angle, 90° head provides plenty of clearance and easy installation.  


(1) iWalldock™ Custom 90° Lightning Cable


Does not include USB Power Supply, Apple® Lightning cable, Lightning Adapter, iWalldock™ or iPad® (sold separately)


Check your local electrical code for installation suitability.


 iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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