iWalldock™ 2-Wire USB Charging Kit

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iWalldock charging kit that allows remote charging of a tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Amazon Fire, Android, etc) with the iWalldock using two hardwired conductors in low-voltage cable (16/2, 18/2, Cat5, Cat6, etc)


Up to 210 ft distance using 16/2 in-wall speaker wire, or 100 ft using two or more pairs of conductors of Cat5e/6.



15V 2A 110v - 240v Power Supply

5V USB 2-Wire Transformer

Screw Terminal Adapter

Installation Sheet


Does not include speaker wire or Category wiring or iPad Lightning charging cable (sold separately).

Check your local electrical code for installation suitability.

 iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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