SimpliDock™ for iPad Gen 7

iPad® Version
Gloss White
Matte White
Gloss Black
Matte Black
Brushed 'Aluminum'
Brushed 'Stainless Steel'
Black Leather
Ebony Wood Grain
Carbon Fiber

The SimpliDock patented design mounts your iPad® flush in the wall for convenient touchscreen control from anywhere in your home or business.  Do you have a home automation, security, surveillance or music system, but didn't want to pay for the expensive proprietary touchscreens?  Combine Simplidock with an iPad® for an unbeatable solution for in-wall control.  

The new iWalldock™ includes Simplidock technology that allows fast and easy docking and removal of the iPad® in seconds.  Simply press firmly on the face of the device and the other side will extend to allow you to grasp and remove.  If you want to remove your device easily, this is your iWalldock!  

If you prefer the iPad to stay in place, simply add the included "Fixed Adapter Plate" during installation to prevent the ejection functionality.  This works great to help prevent theft or vandalism in public spaces.  Removal of iPad® is possible while in Fixed Mode using a special suction grip tool that is provided with each iWalldock™ kit.

Easy to Install - Ultra-thin depth <1/2" design means you don't have to worry about stud finding or placement concerns.  In fact, installation is easier if there is a stud behind the mounting location - Simply cut the hole and screw to existing wood framing.  Or, if the wall opening is hollow, we include four clamping brackets that grasp wall surfaces from 1/8" to 3/4".

Pair with our Charging Accessories to ensure your iPad® is always fully-charged & ready for use.


  • iWalldock Simplidock
  • iWalldock™ Lightning Cable Insert  (USB-C for  Pro 11” and 12.9” G3/4)
  • iWalldock™ Clamps & Installation screws
  • Cutout Template
  • Suction Cup (required to remove iPad in Fixed Mode)
  • Installation Instructions


iWalldock Simplidock for iPad® Technical Specifications

iWalldock™ Simplidock for iPad® Installation Instructions

(Requires iPad® - Sold Seperately)


 iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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